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Your Questions About Cloud Storage Answered When it comes to conveniently and effectively storing your business’ data information, cloud storage is the way to go. If you are ready to incorporate cloud storage solutions into your current operations, we have answered some common questions we receive about storing information on the cloud down below.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage refers to storing digital data on remote servers, which are usually owned and operated by a third-party service provider. Instead of storing the data on a physical device or an on-premises service, the data is managed and stored over the internet.

How does cloud storage work?

Cloud storage works by storing data on remote servers that are accessible with an internet connection. When you store information on the cloud, you can upload and download data to it using a variety of internet-connected devices, such as your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

What are the benefits of cloud storage?

Some of the main advantages of cloud storage is that it allows users to access data from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Cloud storage also eliminates the need for expensive hardware infrastructure and usually offers robust backup and recovery options.

There are several types of cloud storage your organization can pick from, including public cloud storage, private cloud storage, and hybrid cloud storage. If you would like to explore your options, reach out to our team at Aggie Technologies NC, LLC today to set up a consultation.