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ATpro: Our Managed Service Offering

  • 24/7 Computer Monitoring and Automated Alerts- The ATPRO knowledge module performs consistent checks of performance, memory, disk space, processes and programs (to name a few) to ensure that your PCs or servers are operating properly. In the event that issues are found, the module automatically generates a trouble ticket that is forwarded to our technicians. If the event is deemed critical (such as a server outage), the ATPRO Network Operations Center (NOC) will contact us via telephone for priority handling.
  • Desktop, Server and Smart Device Maintenance- ATPRO knowledge modules are installed on all devices to perform routine tasks such as temporary file cleanup and common optimization tasks. Traditionally, routine maintenance requires a technician to come out and work on a device for up to two hours, causing downtime for the owner. Our maintenance is performed remotely and after hours, with no impact to the owner.
  • Help Desk, Remote and On-Site Service- For issues that require service, we provide an 800 number for unlimited assistance. If the need for additional service arises, we will attempt to resolve the issue remotely or dispatch a technician on-site. There are no additional charges for remote support from any of our technicians, and onsite support is discounted from our standard rate.

Our Packages

ATconnect: Our Network Service Offering

  • Monitoring Network Connectivity- We ensure all aspects of your network are functioning at optimal speed and efficiency in all aspects, including power consumption.
  • Maintenance Tasks- If we uncover an issue with your network, we will repair it. If a part needs to be replaced, you will receive a 20% discount on that part.

ATvault: Our Cloud Backup Offering

  • Cloud Backup System– Backed by the premier online backup provider in the industry, ATVAULT ensures all of your critical data is backed up every 15 minutes. We are alerted if there are any issues with failed or missed backups and will manage the restoration of data in case of a loss.

ATinstall: Our Office Setup Offering

  • New Office Setup– Moving into a new office? Overwhelmed by all of the tasks associated with it? Let ATINSTALL handle the IT setup for your office. We work with internet and telephone providers to get your services installed, run the necessary cables for connectivity, and install your network hardware, security systems and any other IT bells and whistles you desire (audio, television, etc.)

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