Ransomware: The New Threat to Your Network Security

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You want to protect your business’ sensitive data, and so you have set up a comprehensive network security plan to safeguard your information. But there is one growing network security threat you may not be prepared to manage – ransomware.

Ransomware: The New Threat to Your Network Security

Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more prevalent thanks to Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) and other kit-like tools that make it easier for cyber criminals to hack systems and hold them hostage. And because Bitcoin and other digital currencies are growing in use and validity, it is getting harder for law enforcement officials to track these payments.

One of the most common types of ransomware that could impact your network security involves crypto-locking critical systems and then demanding payment in return for the decryption key. For cyber criminals, this is a relatively simple way to extort money from businesses, regardless of their size. Some cyber criminals also threaten to release the stolen data if the ransom is not paid within a certain period of time.

Ransomware attacks come in many different forms, so your business should be prepared to tackle any type if one happens to you. In addition to RaaS models, ransomware can also occur when a cyber criminal purchases an off-the-shelf software from the dark web and runs it on their own server. Ransomware can also occur when hackers attack IoT devices and shut down critical systems until a ransom gets paid.

The financial impact of a ransomware attack on your business can be extensive and extend to more than just the ransom your organization must pay. For better protection against ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats, contact us at Aggie Technologies NC, LLC today.