Benefits of Cloud Storage [infographic]

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At Aggie Technologies NC, LLC, we want to help you keep your business competitive, and we do that by making sure you have the tech tools you need to do your best work. One digital tool that is becoming increasingly important is cloud storage. If you don’t know much about cloud storage, keep reading to find out more about how it works and the benefits that it offers.

Benefits of Cloud Storage [infographic]

How Cloud Storage Works

  • Saves Data to a Remote Server – In cloud storage, your files and data are saved not just to your computer’s hard drive, but also to one or more remote servers (aka “the cloud”). This gives you a ready-made backup of all your information.
  • Others Can Access That Data – The other half of how cloud storage works is that others can be given access to the files on that remote server, reaching into the cloud to get the data they need. They can then update the information and upload that to the cloud, which allows everyone on your team to see the latest version immediately.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Effortless Backups – As we mentioned, one of the benefits of cloud storage is that it makes it incredibly easy to back up your data, so you never need to worry about information getting lost.
  • Faster Collaboration – Another benefit of cloud storage is that it makes it easy for your team to collaborate, as you’ll be able to access the information you need from any computer, anywhere.
  • Immediate Updates – A third benefit of cloud storage is that it allows you to update files immediately—simply make the changes and the new information will be sent to all copies of the file that are synced with the cloud.