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What are the biggest cybersecurity threats in 2021 and how can you ensure your business stays safe?

Last year saw a new range of cyber attacks being carried out due to COVID-19. Zoom became a popular choice for video conferencing but fraudsters used fake domains to steal information. Top team app Slack was targeted by a false messaging service designed to disrupt communication.

What cyber security news will dominate the headlines this year? And what can your company do to protect your systems and staff?

This article examines the future of cybersecurity in 2021.

Read on to learn about the rise in ransomware and remote access attacks. Then discover how to protect yourself by using a managed service provider.

Future of Cybersecurity in 2021

Recent cyber security news items show that cybercrime has risen by 600% over the past year.

Fake emails reported to be from the CDC have boosted phishing attacks. The future of malware continues to rise as thieves now target mobile devices. Manipulating employees through social engineering even targeted 43% of IT professionals in 2020.

But what trends do you need to be aware of?

Here are 3 cybersecurity issues that will rise to the fore in 2021. Each highlights the dangers of unprotected systems and the importance of cyber security.

1. Increase in Ransomware

Ransomware cases appear in news headlines every week as more attacks occur. Companies already crippled by the pandemic are more vulnerable to ransomware threats and have no choice but to pay.

Last month, video game Cyberpunk 2077 developers fell victim to a massive ransomware attack.

Hackers broke into their internal systems and encrypted vital data. The only way to unlock that information was to cave in.

Refusing to do so, the company had to retrieve their data using back-ups which also cost them money.

2. More Remote Access Cyber Attacks

As more employees work from home, the number of remote cyber attacks increases.

Staff who use personal laptops or phones don’t have the latest security tools installed. An office environment that’s managed by an IT service provider is fully protected.

Homeworkers aren’t.

3. Cloud Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Many businesses are turning to the cloud for their data and computing needs, and rightly so. Aggie Tech’s ATvault service uses cloud technology as a secure backup solution.

However, many companies misconfigure their cloud systems leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Providers like AWS and Azure require expertise to set-up correctly. Hackers actively scan for poorly configured servers and take full advantage.

Stay Safe From Cyber Attacks With Aggie Tech

The future of cybersecurity continues where 2020 left off.

Ransomware will plague companies of all sizes. Remote access workers will fall victim to malware. Cloud vulnerabilities will usher in a new era of cyber attacks.

Yet even with these negative predictions, you don’t need to worry about your systems if you choose the right security provider.

Aggie Tech, based in Durham, NC, offers a fully managed IT security service to keep your business safe in 2021.

Our ATpro offering constantly monitors your systems to proactively guard against attacks. ATvault backs-up your data to the cloud securely. ATinstall ensures the right software’s installed on your new office network.

Get in touch to see how we can ensure your online safety.

From installation to connectivity to security, Aggie Tech is North Carolina’s premier IT provider. And we’re here to protect your business 24/7.