cloud backups

Storing your company data on-site is standard practice for thousands of businesses, but it has many notable drawbacks.

Accidental damage, cyber-attacks, and power surges are just a few examples of the potential causes of data loss.

Using cloud backups to store your company data is the best solution to avoid unnecessary data loss or preventable data breaches.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider cloud backup services for your company data.

Secure Cloud Backups

There are a lot of ongoing tasks associated with data protection that must be adhered to in order to be compliant with regulations. These responsibilities can be time-consuming and may delay other company projects.

Cloud backup storage solutions perform all these data protection responsibilities automatically. This allows your company’s IT team to focus their attention on the projects you want. You’ll also avoid any potential fines associated with non-compliance.

Also, data stored in the cloud is end-to-end encrypted, meaning there is no compromise to the security of the data stored. This helps to protect your data against common cyber-attacks.

Data Recovery

Natural disasters and power surges are examples of potential hazards to the physical location of your data storage site.

In the event of catastrophic data loss, recovering your company data can be a costly and prolonged process. All the while your company is losing business.

Using an off-site server cloud backup, you can recover your data from a point moments before catastrophe struck. This ensures the continuity of your business and reduces any IT costs associated with data recovery.


On-premise data storage involves acquiring hardware or software licenses, and physical storage equipment. These can be big expenses.

If you instead choose to backup your company data in the cloud, you avoid these costs while reducing your overhead to a predictable monthly cost.

The best cloud backup solutions are a fraction of the cost of on-premise data storage.


As your company grows, the amount of storage you need for your data backup will increase. If you are using physical storage, scaling up your backup servers will cost a lot.

With cloud backups, scaling up your data storage is a much more manageable operation. All it takes is to update your plan with your provider to accommodate your growing storage requirements.

Ease of Use

Recovering data from cloud storage is a much simpler process than complex and time-consuming tape recovery. A secure login is all you need to access company files and select what you want to download to your local system.

Cloud backups also cut the logistical cost if you were to move your business premises to a new location. No need to spend time and money transporting all your physical backup hardware.

Ready to Sign Up to the Cloud?

Cloud backups are the most cost-effective and least labor-intensive solution for storing and safeguarding your company data.

If you’re ready to save money and make it easier for your company to handle sensitive data, get in touch today! Our managed IT professionals can help enhance your company data processes and save you time and money.