better internet

What would happen to your business without an internet connection? Your company would probably go out of business. That’s how essential to business operations the internet has become.

Assuming your company already has a Wi-Fi connection, it likely still has room for faster, better internet. Discover how to get quicker internet with more bandwidth for your business.

Getting Better Internet

Start off with the quick fix of restarting your router and modem. Unplug it, wait a couple minutes, then plug it in again. Wait a few minutes for the devices to fully restart.

Rebooting your computers helps, too.

Another method is to run periodic malware and virus scans. Your business may already have a program that checks your computers for malware that reduces internet speed.

Ensure that your IT manager or department has properly installed and configured anti-malware and antivirus software. Scan all computers at least once a week.

Or you could test your internet speed. Find an internet speed test online and note the time of day when you do the test. Try doing a speed test from multiple websites on multiple computers at different times of day.

See if your speeds are as fast as your internet service provider promises. If they aren’t, call your provider.

Internet speeds may be related to data caps. Some providers restrict how much data you can download and upload.

Exceeding your data cap during a billing period can lead to your provider deliberately slowing or throttling your internet speeds. If your service plan is like that, beware.

Because the Internet

There’s even more you can do to pick up your internet’s pace.

Try using a wired connection wherever it’s possible to do so. Physical connections to the internet result in faster speeds. Wi-Fi may be more convenient, but wired internet is quicker.

Plug your laptop or desktop into the network for its main internet connection. Switch a laptop to Wi-Fi if you have to bring it into a conference room or somewhere.

Log onto your computers and clear your browser caches. Overburdened caches slow down your browser, so clear them once or twice a year.

You could also simply upgrade your computers. Their performance worsens over time. Older computers can’t process quicker internet speeds like newer devices (with newer software) can.

Why not upgrade your internet, too, while you’re at it? If the tips above haven’t been working for you and your computers have failed speed tests, get a new internet plan.

Profitable Internet Speeds

The faster your company’s internet, the more profitable it will generally be. Your business should always strive for better internet, especially if your current plan falls short.

Internet connections can become a headache for even the most tech-savvy business owners. Managed IT services take the trouble out of your company’s internet maintenance.

Let the professionals at Aggie Technologies boost your business’ internet speeds today.