managed it services

Are you thinking about using managed IT services for your business? 

If so, you’re likely weighing different options and wondering if paying for managed IT services is actually worth the cost. The truth is, outsourcing your IT services has many benefits and may not be as expensive as you think it is. 

Keep reading to learn more about how much you can expect to pay for managed IT services and a few reasons why it’s worth the cost. 

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost? 

There are many different factors that will determine how much your business pays for IT services. Your business size, security needs, region, and more are just a few things that will change the price. 

Most providers will determine your price for services per user. A “user” is anyone at your company who will be using a computer, phone, tablet, or any other technology. 

Other providers may charge you a monthly fee per device. Either way, you will likely pay a reoccurring monthly charge that could be hundreds of dollars or thousands, depending on how big your company is. 

Benefits of an IT Service Company 

Managed IT service prices might seem like a lot at first, but there are so many benefits. Here are four reasons managed IT services are worth the investment: 

1. Reduce Costs 

Managing your IT services in-house is very expensive, so outsourcing IT, services will save your company money and give you better ROI. Hardware, software, personnel, and maintenance costs are just a few things you’ll have to cover if you choose not to outsource your technology. 

2. Get the Best Technology 

Your IT services provider will give you the best technology available, so you don’t have to invest in it for your business yourself. The best providers will also keep all of your systems updated, so they provide a good experience for your employees. 

3. Tighten Your Company’s Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is a massive concern for companies, and a security breach could cost your business a lot of money. You must ensure that your business and employee’s personal data is protected from hackers. Your IT service provider will ensure your data is protected at all times to reduce the risk of an attack. 

4. Discover Constant Peace of Mind 

As a business owner, peace of mind isn’t always easy to find. One of the best things a managed service provider will give you is the comfort and confidence that your business is always taken care of, or they will fix something quickly if it goes wrong. 

Hire the Best Managed IT Service Company Today 

The best managed IT services company is one that will give you great service for an even better price. Aggie Tech is North Carolina’s best IT service provider, and we’re dedicated to keeping your company running safely and effectively. 

Our experts work around the clock to ensure your data is protected and your company has what it needs. For more information, check out our full line of services or contact us today to get started with managed IT services.